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Our most valuable asset is our office and medical staff. Each member is a highly qualified individual with experience and knowledge concerning medical office procedures and treatments. Our goal is to deliver the best care and services to all of our patients.

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Benjamin R. Wilson MD State of the art diagnosis and treatment in phlebology requires a combination of medicine, ultrasound technology, laser physics, electrical and computer engineering, and surgical expertise. Dr. Wilson brings an unparalleled background in all of these fields to the practice of phlebology.

Dr. Wilson obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1970 at New Mexico State University. The next year he earned his Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University. These two degrees gave him a thorough background for understanding ultrasound technology and radiofrequency closure techniques.

From 1971 to 1975 Dr. Wilson was an officer in the United States Air Force Officer Corps and was stationed at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was chief of the Bioenvironmental Engineering Office. During this time he received special training at the School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio that qualified him to serve as the Laser Protection Officer.

Following his discharge from the Air Force, he attended medical school at the University of Southern California from 1975 to 1979. As a medical student he made use of his engineering background in research involving localized hyperthermia for the treatment of neoplasms. After graduation he completed a General Surgery Residency at Oregon Health Sciences University, and received training in the management of varicose vein disease from noted vascular surgeon Dr. Toshio Inhara. During this time he also participated in research involving ultrasound and its role in the diagnosis of vascular disease.

He worked as an Emergency Room Physician from 1983-1989, and practiced General and Vascular Surgery from 1986-2004. He was one of the first surgeons in Oregon to embrace laparoscopic surgery as it developed in the early 90’s, and was the first surgeon to introduce many of the new laparoscopic procedures to the Salem community.

In 1991 he took special training in phlebology from Dr. Gabe Goren, an early phlebology pioneer located in Southern California. In 1994 Dr. Wilson founded Willamette Vein Centré with another physician that he had trained in Phlebology. Two years later Willamette Vein Centré began offering training in phlebology and Sclerotherapy Training Services was formed. Since then scores of physicians have come from across the nation and even from some foreign countries to learn both basic and advanced Phlebology techniques in Salem at Willamette Vein Centré.

Dr. Wilson received his Board Certification in General Surgery in 1986. In 2010 he was in the second class of Phlebologists to receive Diplomat Certification from the newly formed American Board of Phlebology.

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